Time & activity tracking

Track the time spent on each activity and manage validation workflows, to keep your staffing and your projects under control.

Happiness Indicators

Collect and analyze happiness indicators: questions set up and asked to your employees every month.

Activity reminders

Program automatic reminders messages for your employees: completion and transmission of their activity reports,…

Electronic signature of customer activity reports

Send project timesheets to your customers for consultation and electronic signature.

Travel request

Submit a specific travel request via workflow.

Activity reporting

View a range of reports, graphs and activity monitoring indicators.


Track your employees’ availability and plan their time on assignments and projects.

Time statement

Complete your activity reports (CRA) and submit them to a validation workflow.

Mission orders and follow-up

Manage and distribute mission orders and follow-ups with your colleagues and customers. Evaluate missions.

Other declarations

Declare on-call duty on your projects, overtime,…

[Add-on] SMS reminder

Send an SMS reminder to all employees who have not yet completed and submitted their time declaration.

Telework request

Make a telework request using a workflow.

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