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Simplify your management and boost your Consulting and Services activities

VSActivity (vsa) is the all-in-one SaaS ERP expert for IT services companies. With our comprehensive, ISO 27001-secured management software, everyone in your company can focus on their core activity.

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Over 50,000 users rely on vsa every day

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Manage your teams activity

Our intuitive, user-friendly interface makes keeping track of your activities child’s play. What’s more, MyVS mobile application lets your employees enter their time spent from anywhere.

Activity report

Gone are the days of Excel spreadsheets! Speed up time recording and make it more reliable, thanks to assisted, controlled activity recording. Benefit from workflows for validation and reminders when activiy reports have not been entered on time.

Plan your employees and subcontractors activities quickly to anticipate, simulate and better manage availability! Easily find the right profiles for each new customer project.

Entering and tracking absences just got easier! Your employees submit their requests in just a few clicks: the validation workflow is triggered automatically.

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Improve your sales performance

Give your sales force the means to simplify their work, manage sales proposals more effectively and even exceed sales targets.

CRM & Prospecting

Manage your prospecting efficiently and never let a lead slip through your fingers again! From opportunities to the receipt of sales orders, keep control and history of your sales cycles.

Manage and track your business with a cross-functional vision and processes tailored to your business. Rely on notifications to keep you informed in real time.

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Streamline your HR management

Keep track of your company’s human capital and support your employees’ development. Be at the forefront of new HR trends to retain your employees and attract new talent.


Centralize your candidate database and easily share interesting profiles with managers and/or sales staff. Multicast your ads in just a few clicks and track your recruitment processes at a glance.

Thanks to the electronic personnel register, you have instant access to each employee’s file. Make payroll preparation easier. Make dematerialized pay slips available.

Easily manage your freelance workers thanks to functionalities specially designed for managing this type of work.

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your finances

With vsa, your cash flow is under control! Monitor your company’s financial health in real time with monthly budget tracking or monthly calculation of your operating income.


Efficient, controlled invoicing is the key to profitability. Automate your invoicing and make it more reliable; never forget to issue an invoice again. Customer reminders trigger themselves.

Manage your suppliers and track your purchases. Linked to your business, you’ll be able to re-invoice certain purchases and determine your profitability instantly.

Get real-time financial reporting (operating results, Deferred revenues/Invoices to be issued, etc.) and monitor your budget to avoid unpleasant surprises.

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 certification is an acknowledgement of compliance that guarantees the security of your data.

SaaS software

Offered in SaaS mode, our management softwares constantly evolve to adapt to your business needs and to technological or regulatory innovations.

from A to Z

From the launch meeting to actual use by your teams, you'll be supported by our experts to make the most of vsa.

Data hosting in France

Your data is partitioned, backed up, redundant, secure and hosted in France.

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Case studies

Let us inspire you with feedback from companies like yours, who have chosen VSActivity to simplify their management and boost their business!

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Discover all features and add-ons

With complete functional coverage, vsa boosts your business and brings added value to each business, all within the same software package.

Connectors and integrations

Thanks to our API, vsa interfaces with the software and applications you use every day. Our additional integrations expand VSActivity’s range of functions, giving you even greater flexibility and automation.

See our FAQ

Companies without an ERP system often use different software packages that either don’t communicate with each other, or do so poorly, and have to be maintained individually.
An ERP system enables you to centralize information, instantly interconnect the company’s various functions, better control costs and improve data security.

A business ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or business software is an integrated management software package that meets the specific needs of a company in a target sector of activity; whereas a general ERP requires a lot of parameterization and specific developments to meet a business need. Business ERP is the specialized version of a general-purpose ERP.

SaaS stands for Software As A Service. This software consumption mode allows you to work from any device connected to the Internet via a Web browser. We manage your servers, databases, application (code, maintenance, etc.), security and support.

SaaS offers advantages for companies of all sizes: financial savings, scalability, accessibility, updates and maintenance.

Once you have chosen vsa, a consultant is appointed as your account manager. He or she will contact you to schedule a kick-off meeting for your project. This will enable us to schedule the milestones you have chosen (data transfer, training, configuration, etc.) right up to your start-up.
A vsa project always goes very well 🙂

vsa is a business ERP that enables you to manage your foreign subsidiaries: multi-company, multi-tax and multi-currency. The interface offers full navigation in English or French. Documents (quotes, contracts, timesheets, invoices, etc.) can be edited in the language of your choice.

Yes, you can add users and assign them the right application rights.
vsa is a very complete and powerful software package, but we’ve organized the application to give our customers maximum autonomy in terms of configuration and administration. Of course, our Support and Consulting teams are always on hand to help you.

If you have requested a trial or demo, you are normally already in contact with our sales team. If not, you can contact them using the contact form.

To find out more about vsa‘s prices, click here: https://veryswing.com/en/pricing.

The data you integrate and manipulate through our SaaS applications, and which is therefore located on our servers, is the property of your company.

It’s our job to host the data used in our applications. That’s why we invest heavily in security, backup management and maintenance – far more than any normal company would.
To underpin our commitment in this area, we have been ISO27001 certified since 2022.

Your data is 100% hosted in France, and redundant in different datacenters. Since 2012, we’ve been working with Scaleway, a major player in the hosting market.

vsa is not concerned by this certification. vsa is dedicated to B2B activities: an invoice is therefore issued to the customer (company) before being able to record whether or not it has been paid.
Article 286-l-3 bis of the General Tax Code expressly states that this obligation only applies to sales to private individuals (not subject to VAT).

vsa is already managing a very large proportion of what will be required by the reform to introduce generalized electronic invoicing.

You must be logged in to the software or mobile application to make your request to our Support team. A ticket number will be assigned for fast, efficient follow-up.

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