Efficient, controlled invoicing is the key to profitability. By automating your invoicing, you can invoice without error and send out simple reminders to your customers.

Billing-related reporting

Consult reports, graphs and indicators to monitor invoicing, work-in-progress, payment times, etc.

Internal chargeback

Easily manage your internal invoicing (inter-company).

Customer settlements

Track your customers’ payments (mass recording, partial payments, history, etc.).

Billing conditions

Fine-tune invoicing conditions, either generic or by customer group (payment term and method, print template, etc.).

Invoice templates

Set up your templates for invoice and credit note editions.

Customer reminders

Manage debt collection through reminders (by phone, e-mail or post).


Manage your factoring cases, with exports available to several Factors.

Fast billing

Prepare your invoices quickly and accurately. The application has pre-generated them all for you.

Down payments

Reference down payments made by your customers without issuing an invoice, and then deduct them.

Electronic invoicing

Validate invoices and send them en masse to your customers. Manage your invoice or specific credit notes.

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