About us

Founded in 2012, our company Veryswing has positioned itself as a key player in the world of business ERP. Our SaaS solutions are designed to be easy-to-use, fluid and innovative, helping ESNs, consulting firms, service companies and staffing agencies to manage their business. Our user-experience-oriented approach encourages us to strive for continuous improvement.

Our vision: to serve your business

We’re convinced that everyone in the company needs to be able to focus on their core business and add as much value as possible.

This principle inevitably leads to the success of organizations through the well-being and performance of their employees.

That’s why we work every day to design and offer business-oriented management software that’s ever more innovative, easier to use and more user-centric.

Notre vision chez Veryswing : être au service de vos métiers

Who we are

Since its creation, Veryswing has based its development on a strong culture of team spirit and sharing.
Life at our company is based on a variety of internal events that make the day-to-day work of our teams both friendly and dynamic.

Today, 25 employees are involved in the evolution of the company, from the design of our solutions, through to development, marketing, implementation and support.

A propos de Veryswing

More than 500 customers

Our management software makes life easier for companies of all sizes, small, medium or large, and in a wide variety of activities: ESN, consulting firms, freelance consultants...

50K users

More than 50,0000 users see their daily work transformed thanks to our management software. At last, they can devote themselves fully to their profession!

12 years of expertise

Since 2012, our Veryswing team has been designing, developing, marketing and implementing its management software as closely as possible to our customers' needs.

ISO 27001 certified

At Veryswing, we place the highest demands on the quality of our solutions and the security of your data. That's why all our software is ISO 27001 certified.

Made in France" company

> All our employees are based in Versailles in the Yvelines department.
> We are proud to support our French customers in their growth with ERP solutions that simplify their management and boost their business.
> Our software solutions are 100% French and are also hosted in France.

Séminaire d'hiver chez Veryswing


Optimize the management of your ESN
or your consulting firm
with our ERP software
in VSActivity Saas mode.


Experience HR management differently and offer your employees a real experience
with our VSExperience HRIS.


Automate your freelance administration processes with our VSPortage management software.

Our solutions are powered by our customers!

Our applications are 100% user-oriented. Thanks to the many changes we’ve made over the years, each of our software packages now meets the expectations of our users. They guide our software application roadmaps every day.

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Join us!

By joining us, you’ll benefit from HR and managerial support throughout the recruitment process, from your onboarding to your career development at Veryswing. To help you achieve your career goals, we offer training, career development opportunities and personalized support.
We are committed to providing you with an enriching employee experience, where personal development remains at the heart of our corporate culture.

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