Business management

Manage your simple or complex business through a cross-functional vision and processes tailored to your business.

Business objectives

Set and monitor sales targets.

Endorsements and sales orders

Easily add endorsements to ongoing business and track your customers’ orders.

Sales reporting

Consult business indicators, cross-tabulations and graphs: business and stakeholder profitability, sales, etc.

Year-end discount

Define the rules for calculating year-end discounts (YER) for the customers concerned, and generate them.

Internal affairs

Initialize your in-house business automatically in 2 clicks and keep track of it.

Sales alerts

Benefit from assisted sales follow-up with reminders and alerts (signature, overrun, renewal, etc.).

Operational business follow-up

Control your business: sales, planning, production, workloads, progress, work-in-progress, remaining work, milestones, deliverables, etc.

Commercial quality

Keep files (prospects, customers, business,…) up to date by following the expected documents and their validity.

Electronic signature of deliverables

Send a secure link for your customer to view and electronically sign an acceptance report or delivery note.

Analytical follow-up

Define and associate analytical axes to your business. Use these breakdowns in reports, for example.

Commercial views KANBAN

Work visually and more fluidly thanks to KANBAN views: sales tasks, opportunities,…

Automatic revaluation

Automatically manage Syntec revaluation at set periods.

Business and contracts

Manage your business with the ability to mix different types of sales: fee-based, flat-rate, (re)sale, subscription, etc.

Contract review

Detail all the authorizations and implications of a case (legal, HSEQ, HR, etc.).

Case thread

Follow and participate in internal discussions related to each case.

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