CRM & prospecting

Manage your prospecting efficiently and keep track of your sales cycles.

CRM Alerts

Never miss a planned prospecting action or exchange with a customer again: appointment, call, e-mail reminder, etc.

Referencing management

Track your referrals by customer.

Quotations & sales proposals

Meet the needs of your prospects/customers by creating a sales offer based on your preferred document templates.

Commercial documents

Get a repository of your commercial documents, and also create your own document templates, enriched with data from the software.


Find the best profile to propose by cross-referencing expected skills, availability and location, among other things.

[Add-on] Electronic signature of quotations

Send a secure link to your prospect/customer to view and sign your proposal electronically.

Available resources

Track the availability of your resources (in-house, subcontractors and candidates) and send an e-mail with your inter-contracts to your partners.

Referential of your services and products

Manage your catalog of services, products and other work units (call-outs, coupons, tickets, etc.), rates and their historical record.

CRM reporting

Consult CRM indicators: new contacts, sales actions taken, sales pipe, etc.

Customer and prospect database

Manage prospect and customer account files: organization charts, expected documents, addresses, etc.

Company CV

Manage presentation templates for your employees and generate an employee’s CV in 1 click to showcase his or her skills.

Contact database

Manage prospect and customer contacts.

Commercial relations

Manage and record sales tasks relating to prospects, customers, contacts and opportunities.

Pre-allocation of resources

Pre-assign employees, candidates or subcontractors to opportunities. Also contact your subcontracting partners to find a suitable external resource.

Reference sheets

Manage reference files (past missions and projects, successes, etc.) for reuse in responses to needs or calls for tender.

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