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Veryswing, a benchmark player in its market

Founded in 2012, our company Veryswing has positioned itself as a key player in the world of business ERP. Our SaaS solutions are designed to be easy-to-use, fluid and innovative, to help IT services companies, consulting firms and umbrella companies manage their business.
Our user-experience-oriented approach encourages us to strive for continuous improvement.
Thanks to its expertise, Veryswing now supports over 500 customers and 50,000 users.

Veryswing, un acteur de référence sur son marché

Working at Veryswing

Since its creation, Veryswing has based its development on a strong culture of team spirit and sharing.
Life at our company is based on a variety of internal events that make the day-to-day work of our teams both friendly and dynamic.
Today, 25 employees are involved in the evolution of the company, from the design of our solutions, through to development, marketing, implementation and support.

Travailler chez Veryswing

An evolving career... like our softwares!

By joining us, you’ll benefit from HR and managerial support throughout the recruitment process, from your onboarding to your career development at Veryswing. To help you achieve your career goals, we offer training, career development opportunities and personalized support.
We are committed to providing you with an enriching employee experience, where personal development remains at the heart of our corporate culture.

Faire carrière chez Veryswing

They share their experience

Iulia, Consultante chez Veryswing

For me, joining Veryswing means joining a company on a human scale that’s growing!

What I found when I joined the company was a team that listens and is available. I’m lucky enough to work with a tool that’s easy to understand, logical and makes everyday life easier.

Caroline, Product Owner chez Veryswing

For me, working at Veryswing means gaining professional experience in a human-scale structure.

As a consultant, and now Product Owner, I enjoy working with a close-knit team who share the same objective: to satisfy our customers to the tune of 2000%.

Product Owner
Alexandre développeur chez Veryswing

I joined the R&D team 5 years ago, a team focused on helping each other, providing support and sharing skills. That’s what makes me want to get involved in the development of our ERP.

In addition to my evolving technical and functional skills, I get a lot out of the exchanges between the Veryswing teams.


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