Manage your suppliers and track your purchases. Linked to your business, you can re-invoice certain purchases and determine your profitability instantly.

Purchasing-related reporting

View a range of reports, graphs and indicators for monitoring your purchasing activities.

[Add-on] OCR recognition of invoices

Simplify your data entry with OCR recognition of purchase invoices.

Purchase invoices

Receive, check and record your purchase invoices, and track their payment.

Purchasing thread

Monitor and take part in internal discussions concerning suppliers and subcontractors.

Supplier base

Manage accounts payable files: valuations, orders, invoices, expected documents, addresses, etc.

Subcontractor base

Easily manage your subcontractors through a centralized register and associated detailed file.

Purchase requisitions

Set up, declare and track purchase requisitions through their validation workflow.

Order forms

Prepare and transmit orders to your suppliers: purchase of products or services.

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