Take advantage of powerful features to help you in your day-to-day work.

[Add-on] Reporting

Access real-time replication of your database, so you can plug in your favorite BI tools.

Action triggers

Set up action triggers: an event occurs and leads, in real time, to actions. For example, if a candidate is qualified and available, we notify


Anonymize and archive the personal data of your former sales contacts, candidates and employees.

[Add-on] Pre-production

Benefit from a pre-production environment to test functionalities, parameter changes,…

Contact synchronization

Share the directory of employees, subcontractors, prospect/customer contacts and recruitment candidates with your smartphone.

Incoming e-mails

Simplify the addition of candidates, opportunities, purchase invoices or sales tasks by sending an e-mail directly to the application.

Periodic tasks

Activate periodic tasks, for example, to keep track of birthdays, remind employees to enter their time, etc.

[Add-on] Database

Recover, at any time, a backup of your database made at the time of your request.

Excel and PDF export

Export list and table data to Excel or PDF.

User rights

Take advantage of detailed application rights management to partition what each popup can see and do in the application.

Two-factor authentication

Secure password authentication by enabling a second check.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Access the application with SSO (Single Sign On) via Google or Microsoft Entra ID.

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