Manage and control expense claims and their validation, expense advances and reimbursements.

Electronic signature of expenses

Transmit the fees to be billed to your customers for consultation and electronic signature.

Expense reporting

View a range of reports and graphs to track and analyze your business expenses.

Fee types

Set up your expense types, associated VAT and any caps.

Advances on costs

Track workflow-driven expense advance requests, payments and utilization against actual expenses.

Declaration of expenses

Enter expenses easily (multi-VAT, multi-currency, etc.) and track validation via a workflow.

[Add-on] OCR recognition of receipts

Simplify your data entry with OCR recognition of receipts.

Reimbursement of expenses

Manage expense reimbursements: validation, export, payment.

Expense claims

Find all your expense receipts stored electronically and as evidence.

Charges to be billed to a customer

Pre-identify expenses to be re-billed and integrate them into your invoicing process.

Mileage allowance

Easily declare kilometer allowances thanks to graphical route selection, and track kilometers traveled.

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