VSA, l'ERP adapté aux cabinets de recrutement

Simplify the management of your recruitment agency with vsa

Discover VSActivity (vsa), the ERP software designed for recruitment agencies and headhunters.

Gestion des offres d'emploi d'un cabinet de recrutement

Optimize the management of your job offers

Free up your time and gain in efficiency by “delegating” time-consuming, non-value-added tasks to our vsa ERP software, dedicated to recruitment agencies.

Easily multiply your job offers

Multicast your ads on different job boards via the Talentplug connector, integrated into our vsa ERP.

Keep track of your recruitment processes

Keep track of your candidates and recruitment actions at a glance with KANBAN views, available in vsa: you can visualize the stages and move each candidate and each follow-up action from one stage to the next with ease.

Save time entering profiles

Use vsa‘s semantic analysis tool to pre-populate each candidate’s CV. Automatically enrich your profile by importing data from your LinkedIn profile, thanks to vsa‘s integrated connector.

Suivi des actions de recrutement pour un cabinet de recrutement

Manage your candidate pool efficiently

Access a rich, modular list of candidates at any time, to optimize the work of every player in the recruitment process.

Let vsa find the right profiles for you

Thanks to the advanced multi-criteria search, you’ll be able to find suitable candidates more quickly, based on the specific criteria of each job offer.

Access the history of each candidate

In vsa, you can trace the history of recruitment processes for each candidate. You’ll find all your colleagues’ discussion threads and annotations, so you can get a clear picture of each profile.

Analyze your performance and anticipate your needs

Consult indicator tables and graphical representations of your business. Rely on KPIs updated in real time to make the right decisions.

Suivi du pipe commercial

Simplify your sales management

Win more assignments and improve customer satisfaction to ensure the long-term future of your recruitment firm.

Seize more business opportunities

Streamline your sales cycle with a database of qualified prospects and the integration of your sales workflows with our vsa ERP.

Ensure the quality of customer relations with integrated CRM

Pamper your customers and amaze them with your professionalism by exploiting the customer relationship management features of vsa‘s integrated CRM.

Save time when billing

With vsa, automate your invoicing and collection reminders so you can concentrate on your core business: talent sourcing.

More than 50,000 users use veryswing software every day

The VSActivity ERP was chosen for its ergonomic interface, its ease of implementation, and the fact that it is a multi-company, multi-country business ERP.

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ISO 27001

We guarantee our customers and partners a high level of security and maximum confidence.

SaaS software

Offered in SaaS mode, our management software constantly evolves to adapt to your business needs and to technological or regulatory innovations.


Because your company is like no other, our consultants are at your side to build your project.

Data hosting
in France

Your data is partitioned, backed up, redundant, secure and hosted in France.

See our FAQ

What are the advantages of SaaS?

SaaS offers advantages for companies of all sizes: financial savings, scalability, accessibility, updates and maintenance.

How does VSA support me internationally?

vsa is a business ERP that enables you to manage your foreign subsidiaries: multi-company, multi-tax and multi-currency. The interface offers full navigation in English or French. Documents (quotes, contracts, timesheets, invoices, etc.) can be edited in the language of your choice.

Am I autonomous in managing my users in vse?

Yes, you can add users and assign them the right application rights.
vse is a very complete and powerful software package, but we’ve organized the application to give our customers maximum autonomy in terms of configuration and administration. Of course, our Support and Consulting teams are always on hand to help you.

How can I subscribe to VSA for my company?

If you have requested a trial or demo, you are normally already in contact with our sales team. If not, you can contact them using the contact form.

How is VSA ERP SaaS subscription billed?

Subscription to vsa is billed monthly. This is based on the number of employees belonging to or working for your company (precise prorata temporis) to provide a subscription that is as accurate as possible and that adapts to your company’s development. For companies with up to 100 employees, tiers are proposed; then beyond that, as your workforce grows, the unit rate per employee decreases.

What’s included in a SaaS subscription?

In addition to the standard benefits of SaaS, we include :
– MyVS mobile application
– An API
– Our Fit Your Needs tool, which lets you submit requests for upgrades and monitor the roadmap
– A customer area (information, events, webinars, invoices, etc.)
– Comprehensive documentation
– Free webinars
– Organization of annual meetings between users (Users’ Club)

What is the time commitment?

Our SaaS subscriptions are open-ended. You can cancel with 4 to 7 weeks’ notice, depending on your cancellation date.

What are the payment options?

You can pay for your SaaS subscription by direct debit, credit card or bank transfer.

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