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National Work Life Week: Why and how to organize it?

National Work Life Week is an important initiative for many companies. It aims to improve employee well-being and, consequently, the

3 étapes pour un onboarding réussi

3 steps to successful onboarding!

Onboarding is a decisive period for new recruits. According to a Welcome to the Jungle study, 33% of new employees

Les organismes dédiés au portage salarial

Umbrella companies: 3 federations and associations to know

In the dynamic world of freelance administration, navigating the many different players can prove complex. That’s why we’ve put together

8 performance indicators to manage your IT services company!

Whatever its size, to remain competitive and therefore sustainable, an IT services company needs to be efficient. This involves :

Réseaux sociaux ESN

Boost the presence of your IT services company on social networks

Nowadays, social networks are a lever not to be neglected for : Find out how to boost Boost the presence

3 reasons to prioritize employee training in 2024

Adopting a training plan for employees is a lever not to be neglected in 2024. It offers a number of

Electronic invoicing – New schedule

Context Electronic invoicing, which was due to become compulsory from July 1, 2024, has been postponed significantly… On July 28,

comment centraliser son système d'information

Why and how to centralize your information system?

In many companies, data is difficult for employees to access, and there is a high risk of errors, duplication and

Is self-employment wage portage prohibited for certain professions?

Although wage portage offers many advantages for self-employed professionals, it is not accessible to all professional activities. In fact, certain

Do you know what inbound recruiting is?

It’s a smart, sustainable and targeted recruitment technique that creates an opportunity for candidates to identify and choose your company.

Why and how can the annual performance review become a real lever for commitment?

The annual performance review can be an excellent lever for employee commitment if it is well prepared and conducted. However,

VERYSWING voted Tech’ Nugget of the Week!

VERYSWING voted Tech’ Nugget of the Week! Thank you all for your votes, which delighted us. Read the interview with

Have you heard of co-optation?

What is cooptation? Co-optation is a rather unusual recruitment technique: it’s the act of recommending someone in your network for

How do I find freelance assignments?

Having trouble finding freelance assignments? Don’t be discouraged, persevere! Here are a few tips to help you find freelance assignments.

Protect your customers’ data!

You’re responsible for your customers’ data, so it’s important to protect it! Did you know? Teleworking employees are the new

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