Manage your entire recruitment process: job advertisements, candidate database, follow-up actions, contracts, onboarding, etc.

Views recruitment KANBAN

Work visually and more fluidly thanks to KANBAN views: candidates, recruitment actions.

Recruitment alerts

Manage your recruitment actions reminders.

Recruitment reporting

Consult recruitment-related indicators, cross-tabulations and graphs: candidate origins, experience, refusals, actions taken, recruitments carried out, etc.

[Add-on] Electronic signature by the applicant

Send documents for consultation and electronic signature by the candidate.

[Add-on] OCR CV recognition

Use recognition and semantic analysis on CVs for rapid candidate creation.

Candidate assessments

Create assessments and complete them for the candidates concerned.

Job offers

Manage your job offers; match them to prospect/customer needs; distribute them.


Track a candidate’s internal co-optation.

Candidate follow-up

Easily manage your candidate database, skills, recruitment stages and actions, pre-positioning, etc.

Employment documents

Set up your promise to hire and employment contract templates.

Candidate thread

Follow and participate in internal discussions about each candidate.

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