3 reasons to prioritize employee training in 2024

Adopting a training plan for employees is a lever not to be neglected in 2024. It offers a number of advantages that are sometimes overlooked.

Discover 3 reasons to put training at the heart of your HR strategy in 2024.

1. Enhance your employees’ well-being and efficiency

Your employees may not be talking to you about it, but they’re facing uncertainty about the future of their jobs. In a fast-moving world, this can lead to a fear of being “out of touch” and a loss of self-confidence. This also has a negative impact on their commitment.

Offering them training contributes to :

  • Maintain their employability,
  • Promote their professional development,
  • Help them regain their self-confidence,
  • Encouraging people to surpass their limits,
  • Boost their commitment to your company.

Encouraging employees’ professional development is also a sign of trust on the part of the employer, and contributes to improving the quality of life at work.

2. Attracting and retaining talent

Do you want to stand out from other employers and attract candidates? Offer training to your employees!

According to a Harris Interactive study, 79% of private-sector employees consider training to be an important criterion when choosing a company to apply to.

In a context where recruiting and retaining employees is difficult, training is a lever not to be neglected. Offering a training program isn’t the only thing you need to do: you also need to promote it as part of your employer brand.

3. Contribute to company growth

Your company’s performance is directly linked to the work done by your employees.

As explained above, it is therefore important for your company to have employees who :

  • Are motivated, committed and self-confident,
  • Not afraid to go the extra mile,
  • Are efficient and up to date in their skills.

The training plan is also important in terms of legal obligations, since you are required to promote access to training and professional development.

Mandatory training courses include :

  • Dictated by collective agreements or employment contracts,
  • Guaranteeing employability and adaptation to the job,
  • Occupational health and safety,
  • Supporting professional change.

Including these points in your training plan is essential to make sure you don’t forget anything.

In conclusion, training is an excellent way of engaging your employees and acquiring new skills within your company (as well as avoiding losing them). In the long term, your training plan will actively contribute to the performance and economic growth of your organization.

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  • Your training plans (budget, sessions, registrations, etc.),
  • Your employees’ training requests,
  • Evaluations (criteria, scoring, weighting, etc.),
  • Certifications and their renewal,
  • The skills of your teams.

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