Umbrella companies: 3 federations and associations to know

Les organismes dédiés au portage salarial

In the dynamic world of freelance administration, navigating the many different players can prove complex.

That’s why we’ve put together this article presenting two employers’ federations and one association in the freelance administration sector.

We invite you to discover PEPS, FEPS and Fedep’s, each of which plays a crucial role in the French freelance administration landscape.

1. PEPS (Professionnels de l’Emploi en Portage Salarial)

PEPS has established itself as the leading employers’ association representing the freelance administration sector in terms of the number of member companies. Its objective is clear: to build the future of the profession in close collaboration with public authorities and social partners.

It defends an ethical vision of freelance administration, placing compliance with professional regulations at the heart of its concerns.

In partnership with AFNOR Certification, FIFO has also developed the “FIFO Label“.

This label testifies to the confidence and security of ported employees and their customers, as it guarantees legal and financial security, as well as support in developing their business.

For freelance administration companies, this label brings real added value. Indeed, it is proof of their actions in terms of safety and support for ported employees.

2. FEPS (Fédération des Entreprises de Portage Salarial)

FEPS sees itself as an employers’ organization. Founded in December 2015, it promotes a modern vision of freelance administration and represents over 18,000 contractors and 88 umbrella companies.

Its mission is vast: it represents all freelance administration companies across France and all the professions covered by this system.

By focusing on adaptability and innovation, FEPS strives to ensure that freelance administration remains a relevant and dynamic solution in a constantly changing professional world.

In 2019, FEPS is askingAFNOR to draw up a voluntary standard for umbrella companies. This standardization is a co-production process designed to ensure quality of service and continuous improvement.

3. Fedep’s (Association des Utilisateurs du Portage Salarial)

Fedep’s is an association dedicated to the users of freelance administration (freelance employees, corporate clients of freelance administration companies and future freelancers). Its role is multi-faceted, ranging from providing advice to analyzing cases and providing support in the event of litigation.

In addition to these fundamental missions, Fedep’s constantly monitors and promotes ethical practices within the sector, notably through labels and promotions.

Indeed, the association has set up the “Zero Hidden Costs” label with the aim of detecting and stopping abuses in the freelance administration sector. The accounts of approved freelance administration companies are rigorously analysed by the financial auditors appointed by Fedep’s, who :

  • access the company’s full financial statements for the last 2 years,
  • carry out an on-site audit

Fedep’s then controls the umbrella companies through increased surveillance.

It is thus an indispensable pillar for anyone wishing to successfully navigate the complex world of freelance administration.

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