HR: How do you choose the right HRIS for your company?

HRIS software is the HR department’s best asset for facilitating and improving HR department performance.

A good HRIS enables the HR function to improve talent management, and reduce time-consuming personnel administration tasks that add no value to the business.

It’s quite beneficial.

According to a Markess study, for 60% of SMEs and ETIs, the digitization of HR processes was not a priority before Covid19. For large companies, this rate is reduced to 6%.Corporate digitalization priorities

The social context linked to covid 19 has prompted companies to work remotely. This new work format has accelerated the need for certain organizations, which had not yet taken the plunge, to equip their business units with new technologies – particularly SaaS.

Moreover, during this period, companies faced several difficulties:

  • Adapting remote exchange tools.
  • Lack of equipment/inappropriate equipment.
  • Building skills in remote management.

Against this backdrop of social and societal change, HR software can simplify the life of the HR department and save time on administrative tasks.

The HRIS solution will save time, improve HR productivity through automation, centralize HR data and enable HR monitoring and analysis.

But what criteria should you take into account when choosing the right HRIS? Here are 9 criteria to help you choose the right HR tool.

9 criteria for choosing your HRIS software

Does the HRIS solution meet your needs?

You need to take stock of your company through an internal audit. In this way, you can identify the issues that the HR software needs to address.

At the end of the audit, you should be able to answer the following questions:

  • Who is involved in the project?
  • What HR processes need to be improved?
  • What are your functional requirements?
  • What tools does your company already have?
  • What’s your budget?

These questions will enable you to identify several HRIS solutions that meet your criteria.

For example, the VSExperience HRIS can be customized and offers several modules to help you manage your company’s men and women.

  • Personnel management.
  • Expense claim management.
  • Time management.
  • Planning.
  • Etc.

Is your HRIS data secure?

The HR department will be handling highly sensitive HR data with the HRIS management solution, so you need to make sure that the HR information system is secure, and know :

  • Where will your HR data be hosted?
  • Is HR data in transit encrypted?
  • HR software publisher certifications (ISO 27001, etc.)
  • How do employees authenticate to the HRIS solution?

For example, VSExperience HRIS software is 100% hosted in France, and the connection between users and the application is secured (TLS 256bits). The HRIS solution offers several authentication options (SSO, two-factor, etc.).

Is the HRIS solution easy to implement?

In times of crisis, you need access to your company’s data anytime, anywhere. That’s why you should opt for a SaaS HR solution that requires only an Internet connection.

Is the HRIS management tool interoperable?

It’s important that your HRIS can interface with other software (payroll, accounting, etc.) or services (URSSAF, etc.).

  • Is the HRIS solution interoperable with other tools?

For example, our HRIS solution interfaces with other applications to manage your accounting, payroll, exports, DPAE, etc.

Is the HRIS solution easy to use?

The easier the HR software is to learn, the quicker everyone will be able to use the HRIS. To check how easy it is to use the HRM solution, you can request a demonstration or carry out a trial run.

Is the HRIS solution scalable?

It’s no secret that the HR environment is constantly evolving, so it’s important that your HR management solution is able to keep pace.

Answer these questions:

  • Does the publisher comply with HR-related regulatory changes?
  • Does the publisher offer new features over time?

For example, the VSExperience application undergoes several version upgrades in the course of the year, enabling us to offer new features and developments requested by users, and to adapt to regulatory changes.

Is the HRIS solution within your budget?

It’s one thing to find HR software that meets all your needs, but it’s also important that it’s accessible to you. You also need to consider the price and additional costs if you require specific developments.

For example, the SaaS HRIS VSExperience offers complete HR management coverage at an unbeatable price.

Does the HRIS solution provider offer technical or customer support?

Implementing a new HRM solution within your company is no trivial matter. That’s why having the right support is important for a successful start-up and beyond.

Can the HRIS solution be configured for use abroad?

If your company is based in several countries, the HR system must be able to adapt to the rules in force in the country in question (paid leave, public holidays, legal obligations, etc.).

You now have all the keys you need to choose your HRIS tool and boost your company’s HR performance.

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