How can you estimate the cost of your ERP SaaS project?

One of the advantages of opting for a SaaS business ERP is its low cost of implementation and use.

So how much does your SaaS ERP project cost?

There are several cost items to consider when budgeting for your SaaS ERP project. Of course, these costs will be lower than when implementing an On-Premise ERP system, since expenses such as servers, network infrastructure, etc. are eliminated.

How does a SaaS solution work?

A SaaS solution is a ready-to-use tool. It is pre-configured and hosted in the cloud. This hosting allows easy access from anywhere via a web browser.

What you need to understand is that the solution is hosted on servers external to the company. This system optimizes costs for the company, as it doesn’t have to invest in network infrastructure, servers, storage, security and so on.

In addition, maintenance services (version upgrades, etc.) and support are included in the price.

In this way, SaaS customers can simply concentrate on mastering the tool.

Another advantage of the SaaS solution is that it makes it easier to adjust the number of subscriptions.

For all these reasons, the cost of SaaS software is lower than that of an on-premise solution. So what costs should be taken into account for a SaaS ERP solution?

We’ll explain everything in the next section.

The costs of your ERP SaaS project

The costs of your ERP SaaS project

The different expense items to consider for ERP SaaS :

  • Internet connection
  • Solution subscription
  • Number of users
  • Employee training

Internet connection

With SaaS ERP, all you need is an Internet connection to access the solution. That’s why it can be accessed from anywhere.

When budgeting for your ERP Saas, you’ll need to take into account the Internet subscription.

Solution subscription

As its name suggests, ERP SaaS (Enterprise Resource Planning Software as a Service) is offered as a service. This means you have to pay a monthly or annual subscription fee.

It works just like your movie subscription, for example.

The subscription price will depend on a number of criteria, such as the number of sites you wish to implement and/or the number of users, which is our next point.

Number of users

If you think the more users you have, the more you’re going to pay. Well, it’s a common misconception.

In reality, the number of users will have an influence on the final price, of course, but some publishers, such as VERYSWING, offer an automatic sliding scale.

As a result, the more users you have, the lower the price per user.

Employee training

Implementing a business management software solution implies changes in all your business processes.

To take full advantage of all the benefits that an ERP package can bring to your company, you need to plan some training.

These are designed to get your employees up and running quickly.

The publisher of your SaaS solution will appoint an account manager to accompany you throughout the process of getting to grips with your SaaS application in the best possible conditions.

Other costs

When you choose to implement an ERP in SaaS mode, you are offered a package of functions divided into modules.

Depending on the specifics of your market and your business, you may need additional features.

You can then ask for specific developments that will have to be added to your budget.

There are also additional features offered by the editor, known as ” add-ons “. These are additional features that can be purchased, depending on your needs.

To conclude on the cost of your ERP SaaS project

SaaS ERP is simpler to implement, requiring less logistical organization and costing less.

Its price is explained by the fact that the IT solution is hosted on servers other than the company’s own. Added to this is the fact that the client company doesn’t have to worry about maintenance, updates, and so on.

In fact, you don’t need to set up a network architecture and mobilize human resources (system administrators, etc.), since the SaaS editor provides it.

Expenses to be taken into account are the Internet connection to access the software, the monthly or annual subscription (depending on the number of users) and training for your staff.

If you have any specific requests, you’ll obviously need to add lines to your budget.

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