How can self-employment wage portage help combat the shortage of candidates?

Self-employment wage portage can be an interesting solution to the shortage of candidates in certain situations, offering a flexible working framework that can be adapted to the needs of self-employed workers while providing them with a degree of financial stability.

Self-employment wage portage also enables companies to benefit from the expertise and skills of freelance workers without having to hire them directly. This can be particularly useful when the company needs people for a short-term project, or to fill a temporary need for skilled labor.

Here are five steps to using self-employment wage portage as a solution to the shortage of candidates:

1. Identify your recruitment needs.

What positions are you having trouble finding candidates for?

What key skills and experience are you looking for in candidates?

2. Search for umbrella companies.

There are many umbrella companies that can help you find qualified professionals.

Search online and ask your colleagues and business partners for recommendations.

3. Contact the umbrella companies you have selected.

Discuss your recruitment needs.

Ask them to introduce you to qualified candidates.

4. Select the candidates who best meet your needs.

Meet them in person or by videoconference to find out more about their skills and experience.

Explain the missions to them, to see if they’ll be able to complete them.

5. Hire the selected candidate using self-employment wage portage.

The umbrella company will take care of all the administrative and relationship management aspects, leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

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