5 misconceptions about wage portage

It’s a form of employment that has already crossed your mind, but you’re still hesitating.

Here are 5 preconceived ideas we’ve tried to answer to help you see things more clearly.

Wage portage is for executives only!

FALSE: Since March 24, 2010, portage has been open to managers and non-managers alike, and portés are free to choose their status.

A contractor can only work in France.

FALSE: Whether working for foreign companies or French companies based abroad, a ported employee can work wherever he likes!

It is impossible to combine a freelance activity with salaried employment.

FALSE: One of the advantages of this new form of employment is that you can combine different types of status and engage in multiple activities!

A self-employed porter and an ordinary employee do not enjoy the same protection.

FALSE: This is the very principle of freelance administration. Ported employees enjoy the same rights as conventional employees: health insurance, work-related accidents, sick leave, unemployment, retirement, training, etc.

Becoming a salaried employee is a long and complicated process.

FALSE: The administrative formalities are fairly straightforward and quick, depending above all on the responsiveness of the company chosen by the future employee!

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