Why implement an ERP within your IT services company?

Tired of entering the same data over and over again? Are you wondering why you should implement an ERP system in your ESN? Here are 8 reasons to implement ERP in your company.

No more scattered data in Excel files

One of the advantages of ERP is that it allows you to centralize information in one place. Data is no longer scattered across several Excel files. No more chasing after attachments and collaborators for missing information.

Gain a global view of your business

The solution will group and categorize data according to your business activity (HR, purchasing, recruitment, etc.). Based on this information, a report will be automatically created and made available to you, giving you an overall view of your business (sales, profitability, cash flow, age pyramid, etc.).

Reduce repetitive, time-consuming tasks such as data entry

With a multitude of Excel files, data is not easily consolidated, so you have to make manipulations and thus create risks of error (recopying, omissions, etc.). With ERP, you no longer need to perform this repetitive and time-consuming step. The same data exists only once, and is reused where necessary.

Analyze business data

The strength of the solution lies in the reporting it creates. At any time, you can analyze your data with reporting tools to monitor the activity of your teams and your business. With factual data, you can make strategic decisions immediately.

Interfacing data

ERP will establish a relationship between data, giving you the right information at the right time (invoicing, expense reports, payroll, etc.).

Save time & money

Tasks that used to take days or weeks to complete can now be done in a matter of hours or days. You save time on non-value-added tasks, and money on administrative tasks that would otherwise require manpower.


With technologies like the Cloud, ERP can be accessed from anywhere, facilitating exchanges between the company, its employees, partners and other third-party applications. Increasingly mobile employees and partners benefit from secure access to the company’s information system, from anywhere.

Streamline operational processes

The loss of information, the multiple versions that can exist for the same data, and therefore doubts about the reliability of this or that data, can lead the various professions to constantly check the quality of this data. The loss of time is obvious.

With ERP, the key lies in the fact that data is factual, unique and consolidated.

This information is the basis on which strategic decisions can be made. Recruiting a new talent, reinforcing a customer’s follow-up, launching a new offer,…

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