Why implement a business ERP within my umbrella company?

Portage companies are entering the French market, and are no exception to the challenges posed by digital transformation.

In this article, we give you all the reasons you need to implement a business ERP within your outsourcing company to support your growth.

Growth challenges for freelance administration companies

Portage companies are beginning to expand in France, and like the vast majority of companies, they need to remain competitive in order to grow.

According to the pwc* barometer, there are several obstacles to growth:

  • The human skills deficit
  • Commercial conflicts
  • The rise of populism
  • Excessive regulation
  • The steady increase in cyber attacks

According to the same study, growth will depend on operational efficiency and organic growth.

In this context, a digital transformation must be carried out to support the company’s organic growth, without forgetting the internal processes so that they are adapted to the evolution the company is undertaking.

According to Syntec numérique, IT systems integration and data management also contribute to business development.

The advantages of SaaS ERP, VSP, for a staffing company

Software specificity

The specificity of the software means that it is adapted to the constraints of the “société de portage” business, particularly for the administrative part, which takes up a large part of the company’s time. The modules on offer enable you to manage the specific features of employment contracts, portage commissions, payroll calculation, real-time pro accounts, etc.

Global vision

The reports available take into account data from your business, based on data integrated by the various departments (purchasing, HR, new customer, etc.), enabling you to monitor your growth.

More fluidity

Data centralization ensures data integrity and reduces data entry errors; it also enables single, more global access to information. Exchanges are more fluid.

Less administrative overload

Of course, managing the administrative side of your business is part of your job, but that doesn’t mean you can’t optimize it to devote yourself to other tasks, such as advising your employees.

Automating your processes will save you time on data entry, reporting and much more.

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