Senior citizens and wage portage

The job market is not always favorable to candidates over 50. Often wrongly perceived as too old for key positions or not productive enough, senior citizens and/or retirees can find it difficult to find their place in the traditional job market.

However, self-employment offers new opportunities for this category of workers, enabling them to make the most of their skills and know-how.

In this context, “wage portage” is a relevant and encouraging solution for senior citizens and/or retirees. This scheme enables them to work independently while enjoying the benefits of salaried employment.

1. Seniors can re-enter the job market more easily

One of the main advantages of wage portage for senior citizens is the ease with which they can re-enter the job market. Thanks to this formula, they can showcase their expertise and wealth of professional experience, which can be very attractive to potential employers and customers.

2. Senior citizens can combine work and retirement

What’s more, senior citizens can combine freelance work with their retirement, enabling them to maintain a satisfactory level of income while continuing to pursue a professional activity they are passionate about.

3. Seniors benefit from social protection

Another essential aspect of wage portage for seniors is the social protection it offers. As contractors, they benefit from full social security cover, including sick leave, health insurance and pension contributions. This contributes to their peace of mind and financial security.

In conclusion, self-employment with wage portage represents a real opportunity for senior citizens and/or retirees to enter or re-enter the job market. Their expertise, experience and flexibility make them valuable candidates for many companies and customers. Thanks to wage portage, they can continue to pursue a fulfilling professional activity while enjoying the benefits of employee status.

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