IT services company: Make your Pre-employment declaration directly from our applications

We make it a point of honor to facilitate our customers’ administrative management by promoting centralization. That’s why we’ve integrated the ability to declare employees prior to hiring (Pre-employment declaration) into the application.

Make your Pre-employment declaration directly from the VSA application

This means that our users can now make their declarations directly from the application. Which means:

  • Fill in the Pre-employment declaration’s information on our application screens (VSA/ VSP)
  • Obtain acknowledgement of receipt.
  • Receive certificates of conformity.
  • And administration processing reports.

How does it work?

(Pre-employment declaration process within our VSA/VSP applications)

The VSA application lets you connect to the API Pre-employment declaration without going through URSSAF or net-entreprise.

A screen is available in the ERP system containing the essential information for the Pre-employment declaration, namely :

  • Employer information.
  • Information about the future employee.
  • Information concerning the employment contract.

The form is pre-filled thanks to the management software’s information system, which takes over the data already integrated. All you have to do is check the information.

After verification, a button is available in the ERP to send the form directly to URSSAF. First, the application performs an initial check to identify any missing data.

  • If the form is incomplete, an error message appears, explaining why.
  • If the form is complete, it is sent to URSSAF.

The organization will then carry out a check on its own:

  • If the data is correct, an acknowledgement of receipt in XML format is sent directly to the application (the PDF format is available in your URSSAF space).
  • If the data is erroneous, an anomaly report is sent so that the necessary corrections can be made, again directly in the application.

Interfacing with URSSAF’s Pre-employment declaration API offers numerous benefits for our customers:

  • Centralize administrative management as much as possible, minimizing the use of multiple platforms.
  • Avoid double entries.
  • Save time searching for information, thanks to a single information system.
  • Minimize data entry errors.

This feature is available free of charge to our users.

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