Data management anxiety in IT services company : How to optimize your data?

Today, data plays an important role within companies, as it forms the basis for strategic and operational decisions (new product launches, recruitment, stock levels, etc.).

Data loss due to mismanagement can quickly become a nightmare for businesses, as the consequences can be far-reaching: loss of customers, drop in sales and much more. So how do you optimize your data?

Here are 4 tips for managing your data.

The challenges of good data management within an IT services company

According to the Veeam barometer*, almost half of respondents have implemented smarter data management because they believe it can have a positive impact on business growth.

A large majority, 62%, believe that intelligent management can have an impact on a company’s revenue streams, followed by process (55%) and customer service (52%).

In fact, according to the same study, intelligent data management is beneficial to a company’s productivity, stability and anticipation.

To support the company’s digital transformation and the management of its data, the choice of technologies will be fundamental.

Things to remember :

The benefits of good data management

  • Productivity
  • Stability
  • Anticipation

IT services company: 4 tips for effective data management

1. Data management in the cloud

According to the Veeam study, 77% of respondents have a SaaS solution within their company. This is proof that SaaS solutions are beneficial for data management and protection. The three main reasons are reliability (69%), flexibility (60%) and safety (54%).

2. Employee skills

Employees need to be able to use the technologies present within the service company for better optimization. For 91% of companies, digital skills will be essential for business success.

3. The culture

To adapt to new technologies, the company’s culture will have to evolve. This evolution requires a change in the type of management, which will have to be more adaptable, visionary and engaging.

4. Confidence

IT services companies need to be confident in their digital skills.

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*2019 Veeam Cloud data Management report

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