How does VSP make life easier for your consultants?

Digital tools and technologies are becoming an increasingly important part of working life. They offer many advantages, especially for those embarking on an entrepreneurial adventure. Among them, ERP.

Evolving uses of digital tools and technologies

In France, the number of smartphone users is on the rise, outstripping the number of computer users. With a rate of 77% for smartphones versus 76% for computers. (see graph 1)

Moreover, the smartphone is the preferred tool for connecting to the Internet, with 51% of French people surveyed using it for this purpose.

Another observation that will interest us is the evolution of the connection mode. Indeed, the 2019 digital barometer shows an increase in connection via the mobile network with 57% in 2019 (55% in 2018) while there is a drop on connection with a computer via fixed connection.

Two factors may explain these observations: firstly, people’s mobility; and secondly, practicality. On public transport, it’s easier to check your e-mail on your smartphone, for example.

As proof, again in the same study, 89%* of the self-employed surveyed own a smartphone in 2019, a figure up on 2018 when it was 78%. In addition, 85% of them own a computer in 2019. (see graph 4)

In terms of usage, 90% of self-employed people are connected to the Internet every day. What’s more, 86% of them have a positive perception of the impact of the Internet and information technologies on their professional lives. (see graph 49)

In fact, the Internet and technology are a great advantage for developing your activity and boosting your business. Freelancers have several weapons at their disposal to help them succeed in their entrepreneurial adventure. These include ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

ERP, the new Eldorado for consultants?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, self-employed or freelance, your professional status (as a self-employed worker) requires you to master several aspects of administrative management that are not specifically part of your core business. To make life easier for themselves, some people turn to umbrella companies, delegating the administrative burden and at the same time gaining the same social protection as an employee.

Despite being relieved of time-consuming tasks that have no added value for their work, consultants remain in control of their business and can therefore focus on monitoring their activity.

Like any business owner, the consultant needs to have an overall view of his business, knowing his expenses and profits to identify the most lucrative assignments, for example.

Late payment is one of the biggest burdens for businesses and the self-employed alike. The contractor needs to be able to identify which customers are overdue, their outstanding amounts, etc.

Digital tools should also act as a link between the umbrella company and its consultant, streamlining exchanges by making it easy to request service contracts, training or other services.

This is where VSP comes in, an ERP system specifically designed for umbrella companies.

VSP, the ERP dedicated to umbrella companies

The wide range of functions covered by the ERP makes it a formidable weapon for supporting your portfolios on a daily basis, for several reasons:

  • It integrates several modules, such as CRM, invoicing, expense management, reporting and many others, enabling porters to manage, analyze and anticipate their business in just a few clicks.
  • VSP has an application that enables staff to carry out tasks such as expense reports, activity reports, and much more, quickly and from their smartphone.
  • Each employee has real-time access to his or her professional account, where the situation changes from month to month, where the status of his or her activity and invoicing is presented, and where the calculation of his or her Gross Payable is shown.
  • It also makes it easy to communicate with the umbrella company, for example, regarding contract requests, late payments, etc.

VSP is beneficial for both the contractors and the umbrella company.

  • Gain a global view of your company’s activity, with indicators on sales, customer activity rate, number of days produced, operating margin and much more.
  • By centralizing data, you don’t have to scatter it across several files.
  • Even if your core business is managing administrative tasks, it doesn’t hurt to save time in this area, especially by avoiding the error-prone practice of entering the same data several times.
  • And much, much more.

VSP is a comprehensive, easy-to-use tool. Take the plunge!

You can test our solution free of charge and without obligation.

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