9 reasons to implement a corporate skills development plan

A survey conducted by Centre Inffo has shown that 90% of French people consider it important to continue training throughout their working lives.

There are several reasons for this: it enables them to seize job opportunities, improve their skills and also avoid getting bored with their day-to-day work.

Yet more than half of those surveyed do not feel well informed on the subject, and only 34% take information from their employer.

Since the health crisis linked to COVID-19, the French have been asking more and more questions about their career paths and expectations.

In this article, we give you 9 reasons to implement a skills development plan within your company.

Reason 1: to motivate employees and give them opportunities to develop within the company

According to an AssesssFirst study, 79.3% of employees surveyed believe that their company does not allow them to develop their skills. In fact, development is the number one factor in employee commitment.

Reason 2: Keep your employees performing at their best

89% of employees surveyed believe that continuing to train enables professional development, promotions and career opportunities.

Reason 3: ensure continuity of skills in the face of technological, technical and regulatory advances

75% of HR managers consider that upgrading employee skills is the best way to cope with the impact of technological change.

Reason 4: Help your employees feel at ease in their role

HR managers say that soft skills and digital competencies need to be strengthened to cope with constant change.

Reason 5: Build employee loyalty and thus reduce turnover by enabling them to upgrade their skills

The opportunity to develop one’s skills ranks in the top 3 of factors that have the greatest impact on employee commitment, according to an AssesssFirst study.

Reason 6: to enable employees to be more autonomous in their jobs and improve their performance

90% of French employees consider that continuing to train during their working life is an opportunity to do their job better, differently, and above all to avoid getting bored on a daily basis.

Reason 7: Make yourself attractive

35% of employees consider the potential of a training course before taking it.

Reason 8: Maintain your employees’ employability

81% of French employees believe that technological change has an influence on the content of their work.

Reason 9: Discover new ways of working and be more agile.

90% of French employees are prepared to do their own training to adapt to changes in jobs and professions.

During the health crisis, 69% of companies introduced remote management training for managers, according to a Cegos study. 81% have offered telecommuting training.

Putting training in place makes it easier to adapt to new situations.

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