Les équipes WeSense – Elitys
160 people

1/ Can you introduce WeSense -Elitys?

WeSense – Elitys supports its industrial, telecoms and service sector customers in their innovation, R&D, industrialization and digital transformation strategies, by proposing an adapted form of engagement.

The WeSense – Elitys teams (140 engineers) bring their expertise to technical, scientific, IT and business departments, managing, designing and implementing innovative technological and scientific projects.

We have a total of 160 employees, including staff.

2/ And could you please define your role within WeSense -Elitys?

I’m in charge of administration and finance, and play an active role in monitoring the VSA management software package.

3/ Why did WeSense -Elitys decide to implement a SaaS-based ERP solution?

Consulting firm Elitys was initially using another ERP before it merged with consulting firm WeSense, which was already using VSA.

4/ Why did you choose VSA from WeSense -Elitys?

VSA seemed to us to be a comprehensive and flexible software package.

5/ What were your fears about implementing ERP in your company?

Our old ERP had more restricted user rights.

With VSA, you’re more flexible and autonomous when it comes to setting parameters. The roles of each user must be configured and teams must be supported in changing internal processes.

6/ How did the integration of VSA and relations with our teams go?

We had a lot of historical data to import, but the integration went smoothly. We had a dedicated contact who was also responsible for team training and deployment follow-up.

7/ What results have you seen after several months of using VSA?

We’ve got the hang of it.

Over the next few months, our aim is to feed VSA with more indicators and reports.

8/ What do you like best about VSA?

VSA is easy and pleasant to use. The mobile application is a real plus.

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