Chez ouicoding, les collaborateurs s'appuient sur la solution métier vsa
40 people

Can you introduce OUICODING?

“OUIcoding is an IT consulting company founded in 2018. We currently have more than 40 employees, spread over 5 countries. Our mission is to help our customers identify the technological opportunities that will enable them to grow their business, improve their operational performance and remain competitive in the marketplace. We bring together talented people and tech enthusiasts worldwide, to invent the future through technology with our customers.”

Can you define your role within OUICODING?

“I’m in charge of operations. I’ve been involved in structuring the company and tooling for nearly three years now.”

Why did OUICODING decide to implement a SaaS-based ERP solution?

“Following our fund-raising, we were looking to structure the company at the level of its various divisions and be able to better manage the business as a whole. We were also looking to have a single communication tool with our consultants.”

Why did you choose VSA at OUICODING?

“VSA was chosen for its depth and great capacity for customization. We’ve had feedback from customers and users who have shared their experiences with us and recommended the platform.”

What were your fears about implementing ERP in your company?

“Our first concern was whether VSA would really meet our needs. First and foremost, you have to be able to understand the logic of the tool. We wanted to know to what level VSA was going to take over; and, for our part, to what level we were ready to provide the information necessary for the platform to function properly.”

How did the integration of VSA and relations with our teams go?

“Integration went very well for two reasons:

Your customer service is top-notch, and it’s great to have someone in-house to look after your account. As far as I’m concerned, Émilie is available and attentive to our issues.
The feedback we received from users enabled us to implement the solution more quickly in our own context and structure.

In short, it went royally well!”

What results have you seen after more than five years of using VSA?

“We used to do our activity reports on good old Excel spreadsheets. We also didn’t track time consumption by project.

By switching to VSA, teams can see how projects are progressing, and budgets can be better controlled. The tool gives a reality to the information, which is qualitative thanks to the quantitative data entered upstream. We can better anticipate issues and adapt if necessary.

Our employees’ lives are now built and monitored on VSA.

A single central tool, with visibility over employee schedules. It saves everyone time.

What do you like best about VSA?

“I’m always impressed by the responsiveness of technical support. The answers are clear and vivid. If ever I have a more specific need, I’m contacted by phone.

As far as the platform is concerned, I’d say hyper-customization from a user experience point of view. We’re able to use VSA with all our employees, via different profiles and settings. So each person has their own VSA, their own environment, in their own image.”

How did you hear about us?

“VSA was recommended to us by one of our shareholders.

Would you recommend VSA?

“Of course! I recommend VSA 100%, for its support, for the wide range of functions the solution can offer, and above all for the customization aspect, whether from a user or administrator point of view. It’s royal!”

Axel PALERMO, Operations Manager at OUICODING. Customer since 2021

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