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Find out why Vsolution chose VSA as its business ERP with Hugo RISCHMANN, the company’s Finance and Administration Manager.

Can you tell us about Vsolution?

Founded in 2005, Vsolution is an automotive industrial engineering consultancy. We have 60 employees in France and Morocco.

And could you please define your role within Vsolution?

As Administrative and Financial Manager, I’m in charge of personnel administration, payroll, training, recruitment, quality of life at work… as well as accounting processes, invoicing and sales administration.

Why did Vsolution decide to implement a business ERP in Saas mode?

We weren’t happy with our old ERP and for me, completing documents is a real waste of time compared to other more important projects. We were looking for a platform on which to centralize data and link processes together like a chain.

Why did you choose VSA from Vsolution?

I’ve been able to test other ERPs and was pleasantly surprised by VSA. Most areas of a company are covered, but the main advantage lies in the link to the SYNTEC collective bargaining agreement.

What fears did you have about implementing ERP in your company?

After testing VSA, I didn’t really have any fears, but it was mainly the time it took to implement. I thought it would take 1 month, but in the end it took 14 days.

How did the VSA integration and relations with our teams go?

It was very easy for us, because we had already deployed the basic system with the sales part, and then there was the transition from our old ERP. I then presented the software to the staff. The billing part was a little more complex, but all went well.

Caroline was very helpful with the project, and in terms of support, VSA is very responsive to tickets, which are processed within 24 hours.

What results have you seen after 2 years of using VSA?

Already in terms of savings, 30 euros per month per employee compared with the old ERP, I’ll let you imagine over the year. Secondly, a 40% increase in the efficiency of our processes, both in terms of monitoring employees and their activities, and in terms of tracking business and invoicing.

ERP has also had an impact on the legal front, enabling us to keep better track of our employees, our obligations and documents formatted in Excel or PDF format. A real time-saver!

What do you like best about VSA?

Its comprehensive HR section.

Would you recommend VSA?


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