UTI Group

250 people

Why did UTI group choose VSA as its SaaS ERP?

Company: UTI Group is an IT services company, specialized in consulting and engineering in the fields of banking, finance, insurance, industry and services.

Employees: 250

Context: The tools used within the company were aging and homemade.

Problems: the people who had managed the tools were retiring.

Discover the answer through three testimonials from UTI Group employees.


Benoit Aumard (Quality Director and CIO, UTI group),

Diane Hassanine (Paris Operations Manager, UTI group),

Emmanuelle Folliau (RGH and Communications Manager, UTI group).

BA: UTI-group is an IT services company, a digital company based at three sites: Paris, Lyon and Strasbourg. It’s a family business with a 30-year history. It is listed on the stock exchange. It works mainly with the banking, finance and insurance sectors. Around 250 employees. .

We chose to implement a business ERP because the management tools we were using were aging. They had been built entirely in-house, developed in-house, and the people who had developed and managed them were about to retire.

The Benchmark of existing solutions on the market was carried out by my predecessor. VSA stood out from the crowd.

3 words to sum up the VSA set-up: competence, friendliness and reliability.

Data flows better between departments, so it’s much more precise and responsive.

So we’ve made real gains in terms of reliability and speed between teams.

After four years of VSA, we’ve seen an enormous amount of benefits. Already, we have unified all our databases, before we had seven different software programs, now we have only one program, a data item is present once, whereas we could have the same data item present several times, so we have made our data more reliable;

Before, the CRM would talk to the invoicing department, or the candidates would talk to the employees. It was sometimes complicated between departments because the software was different, but now it’s the same software, so the data circulates better between departments, so it’s much more precise and responsive.

So we’ve gained in reliability and speed between teams.

And then afterwards we had no idea but the confinement. It’s a good thing VSA was there. This allowed everyone to continue working without having to be in the office.

DH: The advantages of VSA in my line of work are that it enables me to keep track of my teams, to know exactly where we are, what has been done, what remains to be done, what is planned. It also gives us statistics and a global view of our activities, whatever the Group entity.

VSA has become a natural fit, I’d say, with all our teams, both employees and head office staff.

EF: VSA centralizes a company’s services, but also the details of our employees’ lives, which is very important in terms of day-to-day data for me, for sales people.

Every action is captured, so we have a snapshot of where our collaborator is. How does it work? is its activity report captured? All the information on its own is less demanding on us, since it’s extremely comprehensive, and all the information is up to date.

BA: To sum up the implementation of VSA in one sentence, I’d say it was the best IT project I’ve ever worked on.

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