L'entreprise d'Ingénierie et de Conseil en technologies Inatis travaille avec le logiciel VSA
130 people

Founded in 2003, the 6-company Inatis Group is an engineering and consulting firm.

The group employs 130 people and generated sales of 11 million euros in 2016.

He has been using VSActivity since 2015.

Context and need

Before looking for an ERP, the Inatis Group used Word and Excel to manage its business. But files were getting heavier and heavier, it was impossible to extract data easily, and employees were wasting a lot of time.

The Inatis Group consulted five companies and selected VSActivity.

“During the selection process, we asked each department manager to vote for the ERP of their choice, without informing them of the pricing so as not to influence them. VSActivity ERP was chosen for its ergonomic interface, the simplicity of its implementation and the fact that it is a multi-company, multi-country business ERP,” explains Marie Gonton, CFO at Groupe Inatis.

The solution

All employees use the :

Sales people, who have decided to abandon their little-used CRM in favor of VSActivity,
Consultants, for activity reports, expense claims and absence reporting,
The HR department, to monitor leave and draw up contracts
Administrative functions, for invoicing and customer reminders,
Managers, for business follow-up.

Marie Gonton explains, “Each department manager is responsible for training his or her teams directly, which is easy because the solution is intuitive. Change management is not always easy in all departments, but the teams are delighted with VSActivity”.

The benefits

“We see many benefits in using VSActivity, including easy access to information and faster, more reliable billing management. The cross-company functionalities are a real asset for our group,” concludes Marie Gonton.

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