Benett Portage

Benett Portage gère son activité à travers le logiciel spécialisé VSPortage.
100 people

Can you tell us about Benett Portage?

Benett Portage is an umbrella company specializing in IT, consulting and training.

The company was created in 2009, and today we support 70 portés.

And could you please define your role within Benett Portage?

I’m the company manager. I’m in charge of payroll, business development and so on.

Why did Benett Portage decide to implement a SaaS business ERP solution?

We used Excel and the Access database to manage the business. As the company grew, so did the management burden.

To cope with this, we opted for a first ERP system, which was not adapted to the operation of a “portage” company.

Then, after some research into an ERP more specific to umbrella companies, we chose VSP.

Why did you choose VSP at Benett Portage?

We chose VSP on the basis of the options offered and the interface. The global nature of the software package, which handles HR, sales and pro account management, is a real asset in day-to-day management.

What were your fears about implementing ERP in your company?

On the one hand, we feared that the integration of the solution would be cumbersome, especially with data transfer; and on the other, that the software would not be adapted to our internal operations.

How did the VSP integration process go, and how did you get on with our teams?


To avoid choosing an ERP that wouldn’t be as suitable as the first one, we absolutely had to test the solution. So, for a few months, we were able to test VSP.

We were up and running in no time. We followed the training courses offered and were integrated within 2 months. Support is top-notch. We get feedback very quickly and it’s much appreciated.

What results have you seen after 2 years of using VSP?

Today, 80 to 90% of our business is managed with VSP ERP. We’ve saved a lot of time on administrative tasks. What’s more, it’s very easy to keep track of activity, as we can manage everything from a single location.
What do you like best about VSP?

The business and activity menu, because that’s what we use on a daily basis; not forgetting the support service and their responsiveness.

Would you recommend VSPortage?


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