Apgar consulting fait confiance à vsa pour son ERP
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Context and need

Jean-Yves FALQUE, founder and CEO of Apgar Consulting, explains the origin of his need: “When I was Senior Manager in a major consulting firm, I learned how cumbersome a heterogeneous and poorly integrated information system could be for running the management processes of a consulting structure. That’s why, as soon as Apgar Consulting was created, I rejected Excel-based management and decided to equip us with a tool that could cover as many of our needs as possible, from recruitment to collections, including sales management, assignment tracking, centralization of expense reports and the provision of indicators for steering the firm. ”

The solution

Jean-Yves FALQUE goes on to explain why he chose VSActivity.

“We carried out a quick study of several solutions on the market dedicated to managing service companies.

VSA’s main differentiators were as follows:

Functional coverage: VSA offers the broadest functional coverage, which corresponds to our desire to cover as many of the firm’s operating processes as possible with just 1 tool.
Technology :
100% online application with guaranteed data backup and environment availability
Integration of VSA with Office 365 for user identification, eliminating the need for multiple passwords
Ergonomics :
Professional user interfaces
We feel we have a professional tool and not something developed “in a garage. ”

For deployment, Mr FALQUE and his teams naturally took over from VSA :

“We started using VSA when our firm was just 5 months old. We didn’t really think about data transfer. I set up the tool using the online help, and we opened the service. We’re completing the recovery of the first few months of activity as we go along, the most time-consuming part being the re-entry of expense claims and the association of receipts. But we’re comfortable with our decision to take over 100% of the business. ”

The benefits

Jean-Yves FALQUE concludes with the benefits he has already derived from VSA.

“The benefits of VSA are as follows:

Eliminate multitudes of Excel management files: activity reports, expense reports, vacation requests, production tracking, invoice tracking, invoice templates, accounting reports, recruitment tracking, etc.

Coherent management and reuse of information common to different processes

Employee satisfaction through the use of modern tools: up-to-date technology, full web, mobile version, etc. “

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VSActivity (vsa) is the all-in-one SaaS ERP expert for ESNs and consulting firms. With our comprehensive, ISO 27001-secured management software, everyone in your company can focus on their core business.

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