WAT (We Are Technologies)

wat (we are technologies) a choisi le logiciel VSActivity comme ERP
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About Wat

WaT (We Are Technologies), a company formed from the merger of Médial Concept and m2es Technologies in 2017, is a design and engineering firm specializing in instrumentation, electrical engineering, automation, mechatronics, mechanics and IT. WaT contributes its know-how and supports its customers in their high value-added projects.
The company employs 110 people.

Context and need

Olivier CHALAND, director of Wat, explains the origin of his need: “We were looking for a professional management solution and compared several solutions on the market.”

Wat initially wanted a proprietary solution, installed on its own premises.

Olivier CHALAND explains: “I wasn’t initially convinced by the choice of a SaaS solution, with an application subscription. ”

Today, Mr CHALAND emphasizes the benefits of a non-proprietary solution, saying “we don’t have to worry about updates. ”

The solution

Mr CHALAND explains his choice of VSActivity by :

Support (no heavy training),
The fact that VSA is a recent solution with the possibility of upgrading on customer request,
And that the whole package is an integrated application for all functions (administrative, commercial, technical, etc.).

Mr CHALAND points out that he and his teams started with VSA and succeeded in :

Review their history,
Understanding logic,
Recalibrating old habits.

The benefits

Olivier CHALAND’s conclusion today is to “bring rigor and organization to his company. ”

The collaboration is going well and will last a long time, as “listening and follow-up are key elements that will make VSA a long-lasting and appreciated solution. “

ressources disponibles logiciel commercial

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