VSA est l'ERP de Tekeria, cabinet de conseil en management et technologies spécialisé dans le secteur de l’énergie
30 people

Founded in 2013, Tekeria is a management and technology consultancy specializing in the energy sector.

Context and need

Tekeria’s managers are well aware of the importance of management software for any business. That’s why, as soon as they founded their company in 2013, they decided to equip themselves with an ERP to simplify the future growth of their business and unify their processes. They then researched the solutions available on the market.

The solution

“Of the various solutions we studied, we chose VSActivity for its ease of use. This was a decisive criterion for us. “explains Christophe GUILLARD, CEO of Tekeria.

Implementation was very rapid, and no specific development was required.
The solution is used by all employees:

Consultants, for activity reports and HR support (vacations, pay slips, expense reports),
Administrative functions, for invoicing and customer reminders.

The benefits

Among the benefits provided by VSActivity, Christophe GUILLARD emphasizes the ease with which the tool can be used: “Getting to grips with the tool is so simple and intuitive that we didn’t need any training. What’s more, every new employee uses VSActivity directly, without any prior training. ”

He concludes, “The application has evolved enormously since 2013. Unlike other editors, VSActivity updates are real evolutions, with new functionalities. Proof that Veryswing is constantly evolving, to be as close as possible to its customers’ needs. “

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