Le groupe INTM a choisi VSA pour faciliter ses processus internes

Mathieu FUR, DPO and Quality Manager at INTM, explains why the group chose VSA to facilitate its internal processes.

Can you tell us about INTM Groupe?

INTM is an IT services company founded in 2004, specializing in consulting and digital services. Today, we employ 1,700 people and have offices in Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Lille, Strasbourg, Nantes, Bordeaux, Brussels and Casablanca.

Our customers come from industry, transport, insurance, banking, …

We have two main business lines: consulting and project management assistance, and project management assistance.

And could you please define your role within INTM Groupe?

I’m a consultant for the customer as a project manager and service center manager. Within the company, I’m DPO, quality manager and I also work with the CEO on various cross-functional issues.

Why did INTM Groupe decide to implement a Saas-based ERP solution?

To facilitate the implementation of continuous improvement processes, we decided to implement an ATM within our company.

Why did you choose VSA from INTM groupe?

The software corresponds to the constraints and expectations of an IT services company, and the presentation of the tool we were given corresponded to almost all our expectations.

What fears did you have about implementing ERP in your company?

Resistance to change within cross-functional teams, like any new tool in a company.

How did the VSA integration process go, and how did you get on with our teams?

Overall, we’ve had positive feedback. The VSA team is highly responsive, enabling us to provide quality service.

What results have you seen after 2 years of using VSA?

Saves time for cross-functional departments in processing activities and absences.

What do you like best about VSA?

I’d say its ease of use, as well as the unprecedented availability and responsiveness of support, which is a big plus. You ask a question and get an answer within 15 minutes.

Would you recommend VSActivity?


ressources disponibles logiciel commercial

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