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“I find the mobile application interesting, simple and accessible. It allows you to do 95% of the essential actions wherever you are. And this is even truer for consultants. “says Philippe Quenault of Datacorp.

It’s now been two years since the company chose VSA as its SaaS ERP to support Datacorp’s growth. Find out why.

Mr Philippe Quenault, Datacorp consulting

(photo: Philippe Quenault of Datacorp)
Can you tell us about Datacorp?

Datacorp is a fast-growing independent company that has been in existence since 2011. The company has grown from 3 to 150 employees. Today, we are present in the PACA region, Monaco, Lyon and Paris. We’re looking to continue our development both externally and in France. Our customers come from all sectors.

And could you please define your role within Datacorp?

I launched the IT services company’s business at the end of 2012. My role revolves around strategy, coordination, management and calls for tender.
Why did Datacorp decide to implement a SaaS business ERP solution?

As the company grew, ERP became essential. Like most non-ERP companies, we were using spreadsheets and small software programs, which were no longer sufficient.

In addition, a global vision was essential, as we have two distinct structures in France and Monaco. So we needed a shared vision from top management.

Added to this is the optimization of time and reactivity, especially for invoices, as well as smoother exchanges for employees, with more reliable information.
Why did you choose VSA at Datacorp?

Several factors led us to choose VSA as our ERP solution. Firstly, the fact that the solution is dedicated to ESNs. We wanted a solution with the business characteristics of an IT services company (time-based invoicing, etc.).

The second element is the scope of functionality, particularly for the sales and HR sections, which represented a major challenge for us.

And finally, the commercial relationship with your team, particularly its responsiveness and its ability to make proposals.

We also paid a lot of attention to the various elements that could be automated.
What were your fears about implementing ERP in your company?

We feared that ERP would take over our processes. We wanted the ERP to be able to adapt 80% to our internal processes, while making improvements where necessary.
How did the VSA integration process go, and how did you get on with our teams?

Great! We were aware that two aspects of our business could pose a problem, namely the legal aspects, due to our two structures (France and Monaco), and the sales and HR aspects. We had an excellent consultant in your team who was able to support us and provide solutions to our various problems.
What results have you seen after 2 years of using VSA?

We have managed to handle more customers, invoices and employees without increasing our support staff. It’s worth noting that 85% of our employees are consultants.

Employees, HR, managers and sales staff have easier access to information.

Also, our ability to produce invoices exhaustively and accurately thanks to data quality.

Not to mention the ability to implement HR improvements on many levels (communication, well-being, regulatory, administrative…). This has enabled us to provide more personalized follow-up for employees, for example.
What do you like best about VSA?

I find the mobile application interesting, simple and accessible. It allows you to perform 95% of essential actions wherever you are. And this is even truer for consultants.

Then there’s the comprehensive range of functions and the consulting service, which really listens and suggests solutions.

Would you recommend VSActivity?

Yes, I’ve sponsored a business with you.

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