Chez CVA, on travaille avec l'ERP VSActivity
80 people

CVA Engineering was founded in 2006 and employs 80 people.
It specializes in geo-resource exploration and management.

It generated sales of €6 million in 2016.

CVA Engineering has been using VSActivity since 2013.

Context and need

Since its creation, CVA Engineering had been using Excel spreadsheets to manage its business, but as the company grew, the managers were confronted with the limits of this way of working, particularly for CV management and activity monitoring for process security (strongly recommended by the statutory auditors).

Pierre VINOUR, Founding Manager at CVA Engineering, explains: “We didn’t have any activity monitoring indicators, or consolidated HR tables. The process was becoming too traditional. So we decided to equip ourselves with an ERP to support our growth. ”

The solution

After researching existing solutions on the market, VSActivity was chosen.

Pierre VINOUR comments: “We didn’t want to use a general ERP, but rather implement a business ERP adapted to the way SMEs operate. The VSActivity ERP was chosen after we were convinced of Veryswing’s financial solidity, because it is dedicated to SMEs in the consulting and service sector, its interface is easy to use, and the managers are attentive to our needs. ”

He adds: “We appreciate being able to communicate with the Veryswing teams on the functional evolutions required by our business. This interaction is taken into account in the development of new ERP versions. ”

VSActivity is used by all employees:

Sales reps for prospecting,
Activity managers for business follow-up,
Billing administration
The recruitment team for candidate management,
HR for payroll preparation,
And consultants to enter activity and absence reports.

“Our employees are delighted with the tool, which improves their day-to-day efficiency. We have set up training sessions tailored to the specific needs of each team, which are much appreciated. “says Pierre VINOUR.

The benefits

Pierre VINOUR concludes:
“With VSActivity ERP, day-to-day management is simplified and internal processes are automated. We save time and increase productivity, and all data is centralized and secure. We’re reassured in the knowledge that we can’t lose any information. “

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